Introducing The Reusable Cup
That Fits in Your Pocket!

The HUNU cup folds down to just 2cm / 0.75inch!
It also has a custom designed drinking hole that seals tight to make it fully leak-proof.

Why Go Reusable?

Every year 165MILLION Coffee Cups are thrown out and cannot be recycled because of their plastic coating.
Coffee cups are also made with virgin paper meaning millions of trees are cut down to manufacture all these cups every year. 

The plastic lining also contains BPA's and a lot of other nasty chemicals that leach into your hot drinks and end up in your body!

If this is true, why isn't everyone using reusables?

Because Reusables are
just not very convenient.

It's difficult to use a cup that
you never have with you!

HUNU Changes That!

We set about to create a cup that we could carry with us all day,
everyday, as easily as our phone, wallet or keys.
What we ended up with was the most convenient reusable cup out there"

HUNU folds down to fit into (almost) any pocket meaning that it's always there when you need it.

On Sale

The 9oz/265ml Pocket Sized Cup

Coffee on the go? Day out in the city? Camping? Hiking? Cycling?

This is the collapsible, convenient, leak-proof cup you've been looking for!

It is BPA-free, made with the worlds safest food grade materials and slim enough to fit in the smallest pockets or bag.

HUNU was designed in London and only took a month to become one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in history. It can now be found in over 70 countries around the world.

Buy now for FREE SHIPPING on orders of 2 cups or more in the UK and USA (5 cups for international delivery). 


  • 9OZ / 265ML - fits all standard barista coffees.
  • 2CM / 0.75INCH when folded down.
  • Made from FDA and LFGB certified food grade silicone.
  • Free from BPAs, Phthalates and all other nasty chemicals. 
  • Completely leakproof once folded and plugged. 


  • Worlds highest standard food grade silicone 
  • Lid is made from bamboo fibre and resin
  • Certified by the German LFGB standard and USA FDA standard
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • Cup can go in the microwave and freezer (not lid or band)



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 106 reviews
    Perfect for when you are on the go!

    I love this cup. I like the small size, how much it can condense down, and that it doesn’t leak.

    Great product, space efficient

    Works as expected, really good quality and leak proof.
    Great size for espresso, americano and almost all white coffees.
    It feels small for filter coffee or latte regularly.
    If I were to ask for one thing to be different, it would had been the strap. The plug seals the lid when not in use, hence is exactly where my mouth is when I have a drink, which means I have to wash it as well. However, it takes too much time for the strap to dry out, because it's not easy to clean the plug whilst keeping the strap dry.
    Overall, 5 stars, I would buy again and definitely recommend the product.

    Taylor Bennett

    I absolutely love my cups! They are great for the go & I love how they are leak proof once it’s collapsed & sealed. My new go to reusable

    Tom H.

    Easy to use and durable. Well packaged.

    Stops cycling and reusables being mutually exclusive!

    Hurrah for my Hunu.- basically, I used to lack a space to squeeze a reusable cup in when I went cycling. Hunu has solved that problem. Yay!



    165 million single use cups are thrown out every single day. By choosing a reusable cup that is easy to carry with you at all times you never need to use a disposable again 


    We use the highest quality food-grade materials in the world. Our silicone is certified to meet both FDA and the even stricter LFGB testing standards. It means that you can be confident that there are no nasty chemicals in your cup


    We designed the HUNU cup to be used on the go. An essential part of that is being sure that it won't leak any leftover drinks into your pocket or bag once folded down and stowed away. We spent a long time making sure of this so you don't have to worry!


    What truly sets your HUNU cup apart is that it is small enough to easily slip in a pocket and carry around all day. We designed it to not only be sturdy when in use but to fold down to less than 2cm. Thats about the size of a wallet!


    "My Hunu’s arrived and they are AMAZING! We’ve already used them so much! They are so easy to use and are so convenient that you never forgot them, I’ve even had people ask me where I got them from because they want as well! Just wanted to thank you for the amazing product!"

    "Amazing work, the design, function, everything is perfect. It collapses so much easier and is so much thinner than other brands and drip proof to boot. Kudos and claps to all the team"

    "Let me say again it's a really great looking device and so far has been fantastic. It doesn't leak and when compacted it fits nicely into my work bag so I can now drink coffee on the train without using a disposable cup or having to lug around a cumbersome reusable that often dripped those last few drops out in my work bag."

    "I have received mine a few days ago. Its a great product, good quality, i am very happy with it :)
    I made a little test where I filled it with water, closed the lid, attached the plug and put it upside down (even shaked a little bit) - not even a drop leaked :D"

    "I received my order today and Hunu far exceeds my expectations! I LOVE MY HUNU! Can't wait to take it on my first trip. Thanks again."

    "My hunu cups arrived today in the Netherlands, love how they look, perfect size and love the way it folds!! Keep up the good work!!"


    Megan takes us through a step by step demonstration of to use and stow away your new HUNU cup!


    Orders will be shipped same day if placed before 3pm GMT or 4pm EST for USA orders.
    Express delivery is available if needed.

    UK and Europe:
    FREE tracked delivery for 2 or more cups.
    Please allow 2-4 working days for UK and 3–7 working days for Europe.

    FREE tracked delivery for 2 or more cups.
    Please allow 2-4 working days

    Rest of the World
    FREE tracked delivery for 5 or more cups.
    Please allow 7-21 days depending on destination.