Hunu Cup

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Meet the patented best-selling Hunu Cup! Featured in Vogue, The Today Show, Rolling Stone and Bustle this is the original go anywhere, do anything cup. Folds down to just 3cm. Pop one in a bag or pocket and get out into the world!


Customer Reviews

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Great Cup, Slight Access Issues

This is my absolute favorite cup and I bring it everywhere. It's so convenient. My only issue is that it's impossible to open for people with poor fine motor skills. There's no lip to the lid or the seal, so you have to be dexterous. I love it, and hope they improve it.

New favorite cup

Great product, amazing customer service as well. I used to numerous disposable cups daily at work because I don't have a space to store a cup, but with this cup is so portable I can always have it with me. Not only is it portable but it also has a great hand feel, solid drinking lip, and the lid is excellent. Too often you buy a cup where the lid doesn't seal perfectly and when taking on or off the lid you get whatever was in the cup all over you. I've never had that issue with this cup. Could not recommend more. The cup does get very hot I'd your drinking something hot, but the sleeve provided by the company works perfectly and it is not an issue as long as you are using the sleeve that comes with the cup.

Shipping issues (not their fault!)

Had some shipping issues so I haven't received my order yet though it's not Hunu's fault. However, their customer service has been very helpful and replacing my missing order. Also, addressed me by the wrong name to solicit for this don't know...

Nicole Richards
Just get it

This is a great compact cup. It fits perfectly in all my purses and sweater pockets. Many reviews state the cup can be flimsy, I do not have this problem at all! If you squeeze it super hard then sure it will come together but holding it like you would a normal cup then its perfect! You know you are thinking about getting it, so just send it and get it. You wont regret it, I promise

Abigail Waters
My collapsible cup

My hunu cup very convenient and compact for me to carry back-and-forth to work in my purse or backpack. It’s very compact. Takes up very little space that’s why I really like the collapsible cup.