Small cup, huge impact.

Small things can make big change.

16 billion. That's the number of disposable cups used each year. But numbers that big can become overwhelming, so we’d rather think small, one cup at a time. Because doing something as small as using a Hunu cup daily can have a huge impact over time.

Design-obsessed for a reason

Three years ago we would’ve never believed we could be this excited about a cup. But after countless rounds of prototypes, obsessing over leakproof lids and other tiny details, here we are! As stylish as they are functional, Hunu cups are designed to be as at home on the streets of Paris as they are in the mountains of Colorado.

Coffee with friends. Wine in the park. Cycling to the beach. Climbing a new ridge. You weren’t made to be stuck in your house and neither was Hunu. Made with high-quality food safe silicone, our cups are BPA free, leakproof and collapse to fit almost any pocket.

1% is just a start

We started Hunu not just to create an awesome product but also to build a business that creates a positive impact on our world. That’s why we’re proud members of 1% For The Planet, meaning that we've committed 1% of all sales to environmental causes!